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Training for Kona…and more (T-122 days)

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122 days, that’s the time left for the biggest Ironman race on earth, the Ironman World Championship in Kona (Hawaii), I will be there. Training for an Ironman requires hard work, mental strength, support from your relatives and faith, a lot of faith. It also requires fun, yes fun. You better enjoy this journey otherwise you’ll end up hating this. Few years ago I was struggling with myself. I had a great job, a wonderful family, very supportive friends and all my needs covered. I was not happy. Even worse, I was suffering an overwhelming anxiety disorder. At any moment – while working, driving, having dinner with friends – a panic attack might strike. My heart would race, my body flushed hot and cold, and nausea would sweep over me. The attacks...

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Here we go

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The time has arrived, the time to pack all the gear and to compete. I am not a competitor per se, as I do this to compete against myself. Team Fuente-Van Havere is heading to Switzerland this afternoon to participate in the Rapperswil Ironman 70.3 race that will take place next Sunday. My objective is to validate my slot for Kona, in order to do so I need to finish the race within 7 hours and 30 minutes (the last -and only- time I did a 70.3 I finished it in 5 hours and 3 minutes). I need to confess something, every time I face a race I feel butterflies in my belly, I guess I am quite nervous, and not only during the days before the race, I have been quite anxious (without knowing) during the last 2 months. I have been diagnosed with IBS syndrom, and they say it...

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