Catching up…

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It has been a long time since I did not update my blog…sorry about that.
If you look down, you will see that I had big plans for 2013…those plans ended almost nowhere since I faced serious injuries and I only managed to squeeze a race at the end of the year (20 Km of Brussels).
In 2014 I fulfilled one my big goals and dreams, to race Ironman Lanzarote (you can read the report here), it was an incredible experience.
In 2015 I made some changes, I started working with a new coach and planned 2 half ironmans. You can read about how they went on the race reports page!

I will always thank my previous coach, Alejandro SantamarĂ­a, for all the help, support and knowledge he provided me, but above all…we are now FRIENDS for life.

If you are curious about my training, you can follow my sessions here:


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