New year, new goals

»Posted by on Jan 5, 2013 in Biking, Ironman, Running, Swimming, Training | 3 comments

Happy new year to all my followers! I wanted to share with you the latest news…I have already decided what my 2013 season will look like. Initially, I intended to take a year off of Ironman, but it’s not going to be the case…I signed up for 2 races, Berlin 70.3 in June and the full IM distance in Whistler (Canada) in August. Since December I’ve started training with Alejandro Santamaria, professional Ironman athlete with incredible experience. I am super happy with the cooperation and I already started noticing some improvement. I am swimming much more, running more km. and biking differently. He is very focused on quality and technique, which is exactly what I need to get better. My goal is to qualify for Kona in the near future, very...

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Week 11

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Workouts: 9 Training time: 7 hours Swim: 3.700 mts. Bike: 123  km. Run: 29,7 Km. 1 weeks to go for Kona!

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Patrolling the Queen K.

»Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Biking, Ironman, Training | 3 comments

This is THE place in the world for triathlon, Kona (Hawaii), the Ironman World Championship, and I am here participating for the second time!. This morning I went to train to the Queen K. Highway for the first time, I loved it! Where else in the world can you see this sign? Looking forward to the race on Saturday....

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Thank you! Mahalo!

»Posted by on Oct 6, 2012 in Biking, Ironman, Random thoughts, Running, Swimming, Training | 4 comments

I am on my way to Kona, the Ironman World Championship will take place in a week time. While seating in the plane I look back and reflect about the journey, and what an amazing one it has been. It all started they day I decided to apply for the lottery program again knowing that my chances to win will be almost null, but you know by now, I won a slot…again. Soon I planned the season, needed to complete an Ironman branded event to validate the slot, and in order to be sure I registered in 2 races, Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil and Ironman 70.3 Antwerp. I ended up participating only in one since I did well in Switzerland, didn’t want to risk an injury. Participating in Kona meant that the summer should be dedicated to training, not entirely of course, but we...

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An Iron Family!

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My family just rocks…today I’ve received the most amazing gift I could ever wish for, these 4 pictures made with love to express and ask for support in my upcoming race, the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii taking place on October 13th. This is the one represents the 3.9 Km. swim:   This is the one for the 180 km. bike ride: This one for the Marathon bit. My loyal dogs who have ran with me uncountable miles under the sun, snow and rain: And the summary, the Hawaiian tiki mask with a menacing expression and wide open mouths to ward off evil spirits during the race : I LOVE YOU Delphine, Georges, Harold, Dana & Fox. Thank...

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Week 9

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Workouts: 9 Training time: 14hours, 13 minutes Swim: 7.000 mts. Bike: 289.0  km. Run: 47,07 Km. 3 weeks to go for Kona!

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