New year, new goals

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Happy new year to all my followers! I wanted to share with you the latest news…I have already decided what my 2013 season will look like. Initially, I intended to take a year off of Ironman, but it’s not going to be the case…I signed up for 2 races, Berlin 70.3 in June and the full IM distance in Whistler (Canada) in August. Since December I’ve started training with Alejandro Santamaria, professional Ironman athlete with incredible experience. I am super happy with the cooperation and I already started noticing some improvement. I am swimming much more, running more km. and biking differently. He is very focused on quality and technique, which is exactly what I need to get better. My goal is to qualify for Kona in the near future, very...

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Life after Ironman, highs..lows…and everything in between.

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It’s been almost a month since Ironman World Championship in Kona (Hawaii), you can read the report here. The big news is that I feel good since the day after I crossed the finish line, minor pains and aches, but nothing major, just normal soreness after exercising for more than 11 hours, in fact I was riding my bike and running the day after the race! I’ve tried to summarize what my mind is going through these days in the bullet points below… I cannot stop thinking about the race, it was a perfect day, I felt really well the entire race (as good as you can feel in an endurance event like this). I’m in shock when I think I am a 2x Ironman Kona finisher. I have scary and exciting thoughts about what I could really do in an Ironman if I’d push...

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The work is done

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This is it. Tomorrow I’ll be taking the day off and on Friday I’ll practice the 3 sports very briefly, just to remind my body about what is coming on Saturday. Now I need to trust my training, and I must admit I am very proud of what I’ve achieved considering my work load in 2012. As a reminder, I spend 4 days a week travelling abroad Belgium. If training for an Ironman is challenging, doing so with the type of work I do have is even more. This is a comparison of my training in 2010 and in 2012. As you can see I have swam less (very difficult to find swimming pools abroad) but I have ran and biked more. 15 April- October 10th 2010 2012 % Swim KM 127 92 -27% Swim Sessions 65 41 -37% Bike KM 3366 3798 13% Bike...

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Week 11

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Workouts: 9 Training time: 7 hours Swim: 3.700 mts. Bike: 123  km. Run: 29,7 Km. 1 weeks to go for Kona!

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Patrolling the Queen K.

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This is THE place in the world for triathlon, Kona (Hawaii), the Ironman World Championship, and I am here participating for the second time!. This morning I went to train to the Queen K. Highway for the first time, I loved it! Where else in the world can you see this sign? Looking forward to the race on Saturday....

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Thank you! Mahalo!

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I am on my way to Kona, the Ironman World Championship will take place in a week time. While seating in the plane I look back and reflect about the journey, and what an amazing one it has been. It all started they day I decided to apply for the lottery program again knowing that my chances to win will be almost null, but you know by now, I won a slot…again. Soon I planned the season, needed to complete an Ironman branded event to validate the slot, and in order to be sure I registered in 2 races, Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil and Ironman 70.3 Antwerp. I ended up participating only in one since I did well in Switzerland, didn’t want to risk an injury. Participating in Kona meant that the summer should be dedicated to training, not entirely of course, but we...

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