Coming back

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I consider myself a disciplined guy. I think I have the mental strength to overcome difficulties and to focus when problems arrive, but lately I have been a bit discouraged because of injuries.

Injuries are and have been part of my life; I accept the fact that I am not well built, I am defective…and that’s ok. There are thing I can change and others I just can’t.

I have modified my running style (I am a mid-foot lander now), shortened my stride and started using minimalist running shoes (now trying Inov 8 X-Road 255). Thanks to those changes I can continue running despite my (very) bad knees.

Following the advice of my pal Alain I am starting with Yoga. It will help me to be more flexible and strong.

After my 4th and 5th operations last year I can finally say I am back into serious training (I admit I had several false starts caused by lack of motivation mainly). I have signed up for Antwerp Half Ironman in July 22nd and…I confess…also for the Kona Lottery (and I have hope to get a slot again!)

I look forward to sharing the ride with all of you guys. You are a key part of the game. Count on you!


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