Coping with injuries

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After finishing the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in October I haven’t been able to train normally again. After the competition I allowed my body to recover properly, not practicing any sport at all. Once I started running again (like 3 weeks after) I noticed a weird pain in my right knee. I knew that something was not going well before the race, and in fact I suffered a lot in the previous week because of a constant pain that was close to ruin everything. I visited my doctor back in Brussels and we both agreed on start doing several tests to determine the state of both knees. Findings were discouraging, surgery was necessary. I knew what an operation implies since I faced it (on my left knee) three times before. Of course it was not an easy decision, but we thought it would be the best.

On February 16th I entered in the operation circus, and apparently everything went well.

I am now recovering from that double surgery. It is very recent that I started practicing some sports again. I have been swimming and cycling a bit, not consistently though. Main reason is the pain, which it is still there, but also because of my new job that forces me to travel a lot.

It is not easy, from a mental point of view, to feel the desire of training and not being able to do so. My brain says yes but my body still says no. I have learnt from past experiences that it is better to be patience and wait to be fully recovered before coming back seriously.

Some people react to injuries with anger, denial and depression. I have been there, but I now think that a positive attitude helps to heal faster.

It is my intention to start being consistent, despite the travel schedule, and dedicate one hour a day to train.

For those who are facing injuries like I do, be patience, we’ll come back!

Good luck all!




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