Kona 2012, real training starts

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Game on, 12 weeks to go. Real training starts today. I know what I need to do, I have a plan and I will do this.

First thing I’ve done is to review my training log, checked what I did in 2010 and try to learn from the experience. So here are some facts from 2010 (last 12 weeks of training before Kona):

– Swim: I did 25 workouts, totalling 70.875 km. 17 of those were above 3.000 mts., and 3 equalled 4.000 mts. ┬áIn Kona 2010 I had a decent swim (1:15) considering that I took it easy.

– Bike: I worked out 26 times, totalling 1.959 Km., 11 of those rides were above 100 Km, and 2 equalled 160 km. My bike leg in Kona 2010 was horrible, I suffered a lot in the winds. I intend to do more rides outside this year, will be easier to train in Switzerland. I am also taking my bike with me this summer (Lanzarote is very similar to the big island).

– Run: I ran 37 times, totalling 396.8 km. 6 of those runs were above 20 km. and 4 above 25 km. Longest distance covered was 30 km. I had a good and relaxed marathon in Kona 2010 (I just checked my logs and my heart rate average was 130 bpm!), no changes planned for this year. I also need to take care of my calf injury now.

I will post my workouts here and share the journey.



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