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I am on my way to Kona, the Ironman World Championship will take place in a week time. While seating in the plane I look back and reflect about the journey, and what an amazing one it has been.

It all started they day I decided to apply for the lottery program again knowing that my chances to win will be almost null, but you know by now, I won a slot…again.

Soon I planned the season, needed to complete an Ironman branded event to validate the slot, and in order to be sure I registered in 2 races, Ironman 70.3 Rapperswil and Ironman 70.3 Antwerp. I ended up participating only in one since I did well in Switzerland, didn’t want to risk an injury.

Participating in Kona meant that the summer should be dedicated to training, not entirely of course, but we needed to plan as a family. We were invited to go to Lanzarote to spend 2 weeks, probably one of the most similar places to Hawaii you can find in Europe. For 2 weeks I trained there, it all went very well.

After that, due to my crazy travel schedules (I am out of home for 3-4 days a week), I did equilibrium games with my agenda. It is not easy to find a pool and and bike when away from home but thanks to being located in Switzerland I did. Swiss people love sports, they have amazing facilities even in small towns, and the service provided by local shops (like the cycling one who rented me a bike) is second to none.

Week after week I was ticking the boxes, training was on track, the only serious issue I faced (still do today) is related to my intestines. I was diagnosed with IBS syndrome, then with food intolerances, not easy to handle but hey, we are here in good shape.

The goal of this blog is to thank the people who have helped me along this journey….

Thanks to my friend David, my family and I are overwhelmed with your generosity. We love Lanzarote so much!, we can’t wait to have you back in our place.

Thanks to my colleagues for being flexible, I promise you that soon I will stay for the after dinner drinks.

Thanks to Jen from Sparta PT, your program helped me to become a stronger and healthier triathlete…but thanks above all for involving yourself beyond the business, you genuinely cared and I appreciate that.

Thanks to my family in Spain, is not easy to understand my craziness about this sport, I know that despite being worried you’ll push me to the finish line on Saturday.

Thanks to my friends in Spain for listening to the same conversation about hundred…thousand times, your patience helps me a lot.

Thanks to Roseline, my physiotherapist, but more than that, the only professional who cared about my health and my mind all together in a holistic way. You treated my body and my soul with genuine care, thanks a lot for that!

Special thanks to my kids, it is very difficult to have a super demanding step father; you could have just ignored me, but you gave me your love without asking in return. One day I will be able to express better what I feel about you guys.

And finally, to my wife..infinite thanks will never make justice…for your unconditional love, for your patience, for your understanding…life want us to be separated for long days during the working weeks but we’ll always be together. I need you. I won’t be able to do this without you. My success is also yours.

On Saturday, when crossing the finish line I’ll raise my hands to thank you all for your support.





  1. Thanks for your kind words Pablo. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a tiny part of your journey. Enjoy the experience and I look forward to watching you cross the line!

    • Thanks Jen, I’ll be my best.

  2. Any advice on training with IBS? I seem to have a similar thing and the biggest issue facing my training (other than running injuries) is near-constant tummy pain/other TMI problems…it makes it almost impossible to do anything!

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