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This is it. Tomorrow I’ll be taking the day off and on Friday I’ll practice the 3 sports very briefly, just to remind my body about what is coming on Saturday.

Now I need to trust my training, and I must admit I am very proud of what I’ve achieved considering my work load in 2012. As a reminder, I spend 4 days a week travelling abroad Belgium. If training for an Ironman is challenging, doing so with the type of work I do have is even more.

This is a comparison of my training in 2010 and in 2012. As you can see I have swam less (very difficult to find swimming pools abroad) but I have ran and biked more.

15 April- October 10th
2010 2012 %
Swim KM 127 92 -27%
Swim Sessions 65 41 -37%
Bike KM 3366 3798 13%
Bike Sessions 53 64 21%
Run Km 755 859 14%
Run Sessions 77 84 9%


I am privileged of being here in Kona again. I’ll be the best Pablo I can be. I promise. Thanks for your continuous support.

Sweaty picture after today’s run in Ali Dr.


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  1. Dear Pablo wish you all the best for this very superb and great event.

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