Your Stories


o you have your own personal Ironman story?  Even if it’s not an actual Ironman triathlon, are you embarking upon a particularly special or meaningful journey?  If you are comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear from you!  Please use the comments space below.  Good luck with your pursuits!



  1. Dear Pablo

    I have heard many good things of you by your beautiful wife 🙂
    You were a big motivation for my own story…feel free to follow it at

    Kind regards

  2. Indra
    Very nice to hear that you have started running, big goals ahead! that is awesome.
    I am here to support you, I am your new fan!!
    Go Indra!!!!

  3. Thank you Pablo!
    I really appreciate your support.

    And wauw…my first fan! That’s a milestone for me 🙂
    I’ve checked the blog and it seems that it’s working again.

    Reading your blog now I can’t believe you started just like me! It’s so unreal…
    At this moment, I can’t see myself running 42.5km…
    If you by any chance still have your old blog, I would be more that happy to read through that one!
    I’m still at that phase I’m afraid!

    Thank you again for the support and good luck with the training for Hawaii!

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